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NUCATS Assist requirements

all users have a valid netid - all authentication will be using campus LDAP authentication of netids

We have at least the following roles:

administrator - creates the RFP, invites referees, opens application, reviews application 
     completeness, assigns referees to applications, reviews referee scores and reviews, approves awards
referees - invited by the reviewer to participate in RFP review. Opt out by default. Need netids for each referee
applicant - anyone submitting a proposal to an RFP during the open period. May be submitted by a proxy like an assistant
effort approver - for approving the committed effort for named people on each RFP. The applicant will 
     be able to either print the form and submit it as paper or request routing electronically by 
     entering the netid of the approver
Assume the administrator starts the process by creating a new RFP/RFA application deadline
  1. New RFP - title, open date for submissions, closed date for submissions, invite referees. Take upload of the RFP and budget forms?
  2. receive and track opt outs for the invited referees
  1. Open RFP submission to the community. Take submission - allow partial form/submission. Allow upload of the narrative and budget.
should the applications be keyworded to make it easier to assign reviewers?
  1. provide a mechanism for the RFP admin to review the submissions for completeness and assign referees.
  1. enable referees to login, view the IRB/ACUC information and download the narrative and budget forms, and fill in the reviews.
  2. Allow partial and complete reviews
  3. provide a way for the admin to review and approve referee scores and reviews and rank the reviewed applications.
  4. deliver the reviews and scores to the applicants - show high/low mean and relative score for the application?
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