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The Estrogen Receptor Beta-selective (ERBS) Drug Study

About the Study

A study of genes regulated in multiple cell lines by estrogen receptor beta (ERb)-selective drugs. A deep understanding of the gene regulation by ERb-selective drugs will lead to better treatment of menopause. Details of this study were published in PLOS One (2009).

Experiment Design

Five cell lines (MCF-7, War5, Ishi, Caco2, and Hela) were subject to three different conditions (control -- without treatment, MF101 treatment, and LIQ treatment). Illumina microarrays were used to measure the gene expressions. Each experimental condition was repeated three times.

MF101 (menerba) is a raw extract from a plant, whereas LIQ (liquiritigenin) is a single active compound from MF101. Both MF101 and LIQ are considered to be selective ER-beta agonists. Notes: 1. All the cell lines were transfected with ERb. Four cell lines (Ishi, Caco2, Hela, and war5) were v erified that they do not have any endogenous ER alpha or ER beta expression. MCF7 has endogenous ER alpha expression, but not endogenous ER beta expression. 2. “25B, 26B, 27B_War5” are technical replicates of corresponding War5 samples.

Data Set

The data set can be downloaded from: (The original date of the file is 1/4 /2008.)

Data Analysis

The lumi package in Bioconductor can be used to analyze this data set. For starters, the differential expression between the MCF-7 control and the MCF-7 LIQ treatment can be investigated. More elaborated linear models (for all conditions) and biological interpretations (pathway and disease analysis) can be further investigated.


We thank Dr. Leitman (UCSF) and Dr. Zhao (Bionovo) for providing this data set.

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