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Abby Cosentino-Boehm

Division Administrator

Health and Biomedical Informatics, Department of Preventive Medicine

Center Manager, Northwestern University Biomedical Informatics Center, NUCATS

750 N. Lake Shore Dr., 11th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611

312-503-2306 (v)

312-503-5388 (f)


BSAB in Agricultural Biotechnology, University of Kentucky

MPA in Concentration in Financial Management, University of Kentucky


Oser, C. B., Leukefeld, C. G., Tindall, M. S., Havens, J. R., Webster, J. M., McDonald, H. S., & Cosentino, AL. (2006). Male and female rural probationers: HIV risk behaviors and knowledge. AIDS Care Journal. 18 (4), 339-344.

Oser, C. B., McDonald, H. S., Havens, J. R., Leukefeld, C. G., Webster, J. M., & Cosentino, A.L. (2006) Lack of HIV seropositivity among a group of rural probationers: Explanatory Factors. Journal of Rural Health. 22(3), 273-275.

Oser, C., Leukefeld, C., Cosentino-Boehm, A., & Havens, J. (2006). Rural HIV: Brief interventions for felony probationers. American Journal of Criminal Justice. 31(1), 125-143.

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